5.14.12 Athens International Film Festival

To Beauty was accepted at the Athens International Film Festival in Athens, Ohio. The screening was on April 18 @ 9 PM. Festival Information

5.14.12 Beverly Hills Film Festival

To Beauty screened at the Beverly Hills Film Festival on April 27, 2012. It was great to see so many of the cast and crew at the screening!

5.14.12 Crossroads Film Festival in Jackson, MS

To Beauty screened at the Crossroads Film Festival in Jackson MS on April 13, 2012. It was a great festival, and the film was well received. Thank you to the organizers for a wonderful weekend!

5.14.12 ReelHeART Film Festival in Toronto Canada

To Beauty was accepted to the ReelHeART film Festival, June 27-30 in Toronto, Canada. Festival Information

5.14.12 Park CIty Film Music Festival

To Beauty was accepted into the Park City Music Festival. This festival is unique in that it accepts films based on their soundtracks. To Beauty had two composers - Charles Bernstein and Robohemoth.3. The screening will be in Park City, Utah on May 26th @ 9:00 AM, showing with Short Film Group 3. Purchase Tickets Festival information

5.14.12 Santa Cruz Film Festival

To Beauty was accepted into the Santa Cruz Film Festival. There will be two screenings at The Nick, 210 Lincoln St. Santa Cruz, CA on Friday May 11 @9:15 pm and Tuesday May 15 @ 4 pm. Good to be in our home town!

2.17.12 San Diego Latino Film Festival

To Beauty was just accepted into the San Diego Latino Film Festival! Our screening will be the opening night on March 8 at 6P. Known for its great parties, fun atmosphere, and thought provoking film line-up, it'll be an event you won't want to miss.

2.17.12 Best Shorts Competition

To Beauty won 4 Awards of Merit from the Best Shorts Competition for Art Direction, Set Design, Make-up, and Lighting. Congrats to all the filmmakers for the win!

2.17.12 Bel Air Film Festival

In October, 2011, To Beauty was well received at a screening at the Bel Air Film Festival.

11.20.10 Name Change

The title of the film has been changed to "To Beauty." We feel this better reflects the storyline and intent of the film - that there is beauty in all of us, no matter our circumstances.