About the film

To Beauty is an ode to German artist Otto Dix and Dadaism - the rejection of the conventional ideas of form and beauty. This short film is a cinematic recreation of six of Dix's paintings, celebrating the beauty of the unseemly and grotesque. The result is a highly stylized glimpse into the life of a prostitute, the Lady in Red, and an underworld that will captivate audiences everywhere.

The film was  shot on 35mm film using anamporphic lenses on location in Los Angeles.


Sam, a prostitute who lost her self-respect years ago, prepares for work. Mark, Luke and John, all Iraq War vets who have sacrificed their bodies for their country, play poker for dollar bills and food stamps in a seedy basement. Charlie, a homeless amputee, sells matches on the side of the road. All are hidden and ignored by the rest of society, until one day they are noticed.